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May 19th, 2010

At Budget Brokers USA, our mission is to provide every home buyer and seller with quality full-service real estate brokerage assistance at an affordable price.

Thank you for considering the value of Budget Brokers USA. The idea of a full-service real estate company that maintains low fees came to me in May 2005, two full years before Atlanta experienced a decline in home values/prices. The real estate market was booming, but I had a hunch we were due for a downturn. I was right, but even I could not foresee the extent of the new challenges facing American homeowners.

Buying or selling a home can be emotionally stressful, even without the financial pressure created by a real estate market in turmoil. You now have the availability of full-service brokerage assistance at a fraction of the cost of traditional real estate brokerage companies. With listing fees starting at $500 and collecting just .5% of the selling price for the Listing Broker at closing, Budget Brokers USA makes perfect business sense for this new era in real estate.

If you have a home to sell or require assistance locating the perfect property for your needs, I am happy to help. I look forward to sharing with you first-hand my commitment to personal, ethical service. We can discuss your situation and review together how our extensive list of services can help you overcome the challenges of an ever-changing real estate market.

Call me now at 404.538.8300 to learn more or email me.

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